Last week 27 May

So, as always, every child I work with shone in their own way, but I can only give edited highlights here. But here are the kids that really stood out…

Leanna and Ethan both created brief stories and they were amazing! Both children really challenged themselves and I was super proud!

Oscar is showing a real maturity to his learning and this is reflected in his work.

Nathan has a great growth mindset going on. He might find something hard, but it isn’t stopping him from trying his very best and succeeding.

Andrew and I had a wonderful lesson up at Beecraigs this week. There was a lot of real life learning going on and our nests were amazing. He especially impressed me with his perseverance. Building a nest isn’t easy, his first attempt failed, but instead of getting frustrated he simply gathered more materials and started again with a new design.

As for the business, what has been happening behind the scenes? Well, my summer time table is almost full now which has taken a lot of juggling!

I have also launched a second business, Love Outdoor Learning.  This is all about getting children outside and learning in nature. I will soon have Wednesday lunch time and Saturday morning clubs starting up and I am available to work with schools. Have a peek at our website and Facebook 

This Week – 13th May

The sun is shining into my conservatory this morning as the sound of bird song fills the air. What a wonderful start to my Sunday. It is just a shame my laptop is being a tad temperamental so I’m writing this on my phone!

So this week has been a wonderful one, as every week tends to be! But what has really stood out?

I am at that magic point of early tutoring when children really start believing in themselves and start developing confidence. It is wonderful to see, such a privilege. Well done Mathew and Evie!

Then we have children who have been tutored a while and have the confidence and maturity to make decisions about their learning, well done Lewis and Sean!

My Wednesday night maths group was pleased to welcome 3 new children this week. They were warmly welcomed by the other children and that group is now at capacity.

In terms of the business, well I completed the 2 day paediatric first aid course. I am also starting to make plans for the new academic year, there are exciting times ahead!

My final thought this week though is a conversation I’ve had with a number of friends and tutor mums this week. When a child is young we expect them to learn to walk and talk at different ages. Why then, do we expect school learning to be different? Children learn at different rates and this is ok!

This Past Week – 29 April

It has been a busy old week.  I am another year older but the birthday celebrations didn’t stop us tutoring this week!  I always love this time at the weekend. When I sit and think about the progress each and every child has made.  It really does make me happy to see how they all progress.  They work hard and it shows.

Every child has highlights every week but I don’t really have space to write about them all.  So who has really stood out this week?  Well Euan and Harry are continuing to improve their focus which makes a real difference to the work they produce.  It is great to see them work hard with this.  It is amazing how much of an impact attitude can make to learning.  Talking of which, Beth has decided to get to grips with all her time tables and it is really showing.  She will soon have earned an emoji sticker for each and every one.  Tutoring doesn’t just influence attitude throughout the 1hr session each week, it can permeate throughout a child’s life.  This is happening with Lexie who is growing more and more confident in herself and her every day life – long may that continue!

Next week will be a little different.  I have no tutoring.  Instead, I am away to school camp with the primary 6 class I teach on a Wednesday.  I am looking forward to a week filled with abseiling, rope courses, zip wires, canoeing, archery and a whole lot more.  My challenge this week, to get over my fear of heights so I can enjoy all this with the kids!

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This Past Week – 22 April

Wow – what a week! It was great to be back on my normal tutor schedule.  Not to say I didn’t enjoy a break but I did miss the kids.  So what learning highlights have I experienced this week?

To begin, my group sessions have started!  We have some great kids coming along and they are turning into a wee team already which is fantastic!  The groups are still small which means children can get plenty of individual attention but also work together.  I am really looking forward to these continuing.

My individual kids have been making me proud this week too.  From Lewis whose handwriting can now truly be described as beautiful to Sean who is now beginning to sound out and build words. Lexie, Thomas and Evie are all growing more confident in maths and are keen to challenge themselves and not forgetting Daisy, who is now feeling confident about starting high school.  It really has been a great week all round.

In terms of the business, we have continued to develop our website,  Our Facebook page has reached 100 likes  And we now have twitter and even Instagram . It doesn’t matter which social media platform you prefer, you’ll find us there!