This Past Week – 29 April

It has been a busy old week.  I am another year older but the birthday celebrations didn’t stop us tutoring this week!  I always love this time at the weekend. When I sit and think about the progress each and every child has made.  It really does make me happy to see how they all progress.  They work hard and it shows.

Every child has highlights every week but I don’t really have space to write about them all.  So who has really stood out this week?  Well Euan and Harry are continuing to improve their focus which makes a real difference to the work they produce.  It is great to see them work hard with this.  It is amazing how much of an impact attitude can make to learning.  Talking of which, Beth has decided to get to grips with all her time tables and it is really showing.  She will soon have earned an emoji sticker for each and every one.  Tutoring doesn’t just influence attitude throughout the 1hr session each week, it can permeate throughout a child’s life.  This is happening with Lexie who is growing more and more confident in herself and her every day life – long may that continue!

Next week will be a little different.  I have no tutoring.  Instead, I am away to school camp with the primary 6 class I teach on a Wednesday.  I am looking forward to a week filled with abseiling, rope courses, zip wires, canoeing, archery and a whole lot more.  My challenge this week, to get over my fear of heights so I can enjoy all this with the kids!

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