Home Education

There are many reasons why a family may choose home education.  Many parent’s find it is more flexible and allows their child to learn in their preferred way.  This might be working through formal textbooks or programmes, real life learning or a mixture of the two.  The key thing is that children work at their own pace and can pursue their individual interests.

Home educators do not need to be an expert in every area of the curriculum – sometimes the learning is a family endeavour.  However, at times, a tutor can help support home learning.  Whether this is with a group of children or on a one to one basis.

My aim, when working with home educated children, is to fit in with their interests and learning styles.  This is the same as when I work with any other child.  I do not use textbooks, I find them boring and restrictive and many children feel the same.  I do use games and fun activities to develop learning and confidence.  I am competent and confident in teaching any area of the curriculum.

Due to the nature of home education, I do not have a set range of services and prices already devised.  However, there is a discount for lessons which occur during school hours.  I work with you to determine what is required and develop a service specifically for you and your child’s needs.  I am also open to working with groups of children and I am happy to discuss this.

The learning can be within your home or mine.   I have a lovely big conservatory set up as a space for learning.  Furthermore, I am currently undertaking a degree which encompasses outdoor learning and find this an essential tool for developing interest and motivation for learning.  I have a large, enclosed and secure garden, though I am equally as happy to use yours.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and discuss your requirements if you are looking for a tutor to supplement your home education.

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