1 to 1 Tuition

We provide bespoke programmes for primary aged children. Lessons are online. Generally, tutoring lessons will only cover one curricular area, though it is possible for us to cover more than one in the session.  As we have all been teachers for a number of years we are confident in teaching all areas of the curriculum. We also work to develop children’s confidence and growth mindsets.

Lessons are generally weekly and at the same time.  They will always be an hour long, except in exceptional circumstances.  This allows for 55 minutes teaching time and 5 minutes of feedback to the adult.  Some younger children may not be able to focus for a full hour and we will therefore suggest two half hour sessions a week.  We can be more flexible with regards to home schooled children, just discuss your needs with us.

Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

Within the first lesson we will gently assess the child.  This starts with a conversation with the child and parent. We then complete some activities to assess. We keep this light hearted and fun. It is essential for our understanding of where any  conceptual difficulties may be impeding progress.  During this session we also work towards building a relationship with the child as this leads to them being more confident in asking questions.  We help them realise that a tutor is different from a teacher and not only because they call us by my first names!

The 1 to 1 format allows us the flexibility to cover any misunderstandings in your child’s learning but also means we can adapt sessions to meet any difficulties they may be facing at school that day or week.  We can cover a lot of work and different concepts which helps them make rapid progress whilst allowing time to revisit previously taught areas.

We encourage children to take ownership of their learning.  To tell us what they think they need, and if possible, plan learning with us which supports their upcoming in school learning.  This way tutoring becomes a joint endeavour between child, tutor, family and school.

What a 1 to 1 Lesson Looks Like

The first thing we will do is ask your child how they are, discuss their schooling and enquire as to what achievements they have had in addition to whether they have encountered any difficulties that week.  This allows us to adapt the planned lesson immediately to help them meet any difficulties.

We then commence work.  We use a lot of manipulatives within lessons, these are things children can touch and move.  Working online allows us to use a range of games and resources to meet your child’s needs.  It is our opinion that children learn best through play.

We usually cover between 4 and 6 different concepts within a lesson.  This is irrespective of the subject area being taught.  This variety helps keep children motivated and interested and helps ensure progress throughout the curriculum.

At the end of the lesson we will discuss the child’s feedback briefly with them.  We go over what they feel went well and what they want more work on, determining their next steps.  This is essential, whilst they may appear to understand a concept this allows us to assess their confidence.  Thereafter we feedback directly to the adult regarding the session with support of the child.