Who Is Carol?

My name is Carol Murdoch, and I am founder of Carol’s Tutoring. I am a teacher, an educational consultant and an author. I have worked in education for almost 20 years. Some of that time was spent in mainstream, but I also spent time in ASD bases and in severe and complex settings. This led to me gaining a wide range of experiences and understandings.

I founded Carol’s Tutoring forms part of back in 2017. I had grown frustrated working as a teacher and feeling unable to meet all the children’s needs due to the cutbacks and pressures. I wanted to help children develop a love of learning and holistically support them.

Unlike a lot of teachers, school was not always an easy place for me as a child. I hated maths, which incidentally helps me teach it very well now. I left school at 16 as a young carer but went back to my studies, completing my Primary Education degree in 2009.

I am also a trained life coach and a mindfulness master. I use these skills to fully support children, their mindset and their education.
I am nearing the completion of my Masters in Learning for Sustainability, focusing on Outdoor Learning. I specialise in curriculum-based outdoor learning.

In my spare time, I love to be outdoors. I enjoy walking, though not full-day hikes! I also enjoy getting out on my stand up paddleboard and have recently bought my first kayak. I also love trips in my campervan called Mable, where I can discover quiet spots off the beaten track.

I have been featured in The Guardian, The Daily Record, The Telegraph, This is Money, BBC, The West Lothian Courier and more helping support parents and sharing my views on education today.

I have also won the Woman Who Achieves Award and been Scotland’s premier primary school tutor two years in a row.

I have worked with and supported Twinkl, University of Dundee, West Lothian College, and councils across the length and breadth of Scotland.