Are all tutors PVG checked?

Yes, all our tutors hold recent PVG checks.

Where does tuition take place?

For 1 to 1 sessions we prefer to tutor in your home.  When children are relaxed they learn more and they are rarely more relaxed than when they are in their own surroundings.  However, if this is not possible there may be opportunity for 1 to 1 sessions to be held within the tutors home. Group sessions are held within within the tutors home.

How long does a session last?

A session is 55 minutes with a 5 minute brief discussion at the end to update you.  If you require a longer conversation please let me know as we will likely have a lesson booked after yours.  The length of lessons can vary for home schooled children during the day.

How much is a lesson?

Our fees are competitive and representative of our experience and qualifications.  They are currently set at 

1hr 1:1 Tuition: £30

Group Tuition: £10

Assessment only: £50 per hour

How many lessons will be required?

Each and every child is different and so is the length of time they require tutoring.  Some may only need a short time to boost confidence, others may require longer.

Can I sit in on Lessons?

If the lesson is 1 to 1 it is likely to be in your home and it is up to you where you spend your time.  You are more than welcome to sit in.  Unfortunately for group lessons we cannot allow this as it is unfair for the other children.

My children has additional support needs, can you tutor them?

Absolutely yes!  We have tutors who have worked in autism provision, special education and mainstream education.  We also have tutors who are dyslexia trained.  We am confident we can meet your child’s needs in a way that suits them.

Do you set homework?

No, we do not set homework, with the exception of spelling.  Children often have a range of commitments in addition to their school homework.  However, we may occasionally leave a game or suggest ways to introduce real life learning into your routine if it is appropriate.

What do I need to provide?

If we are tutoring in your home then simply an environment where your child can learn.  We provide all tools, jotters and other resources.

If we have not answered your question please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.  Our details are at the bottom of the page.