About Carol’s Tutoring

Here at Carol’s Tutoring, we look at tutoring a little differently. For a start, we specialise in primary tuition. But more than that, to make real progress, your child needs to believe in themselves. They need coping strategies for when learning gets tough. To help your child succeed to the best of their ability, to help them overcome any barriers they face to their learning, we put confidence-building and mindset at the heart of our sessions. We believe that it is essential that children learn coping mechanisms, as this will support them in their learning and throughout their lives.

We specialise in working with those in the primary levels, though we will occasionally make an exception to work with a child in secondary school.

In 2021 and 2022 we won the Scottish Primary Tutoring Service of the Year. Carol has also won the Women Who Achieve award.

Carol is the author of The Winning Kid Handbook. A unique approach to help build up children’s mindsets and confidence that has been developed throughout her long career in education.

It was once said, if you believe you can or believe you cannot, you are probably right.

But once a child believes they can, they can fly. They can make real progress, extending beyond the subject(s) we are supporting.

A Learning Plan As Individual As Your Child

We work to their strengths and support the areas they need to develop without being restricted by set programmes that do not account for individual likes, needs and personalities.

A Fully Qualified and Experienced Teacher

Tutoring is not a regulated industry. Anyone can set themselves up as a tutor. Carol has worked in education for over twenty years, and has been a fully qualified teacher since 2010.

A Holistic Approach

Yes, we will support the areas of the curriculum where your child needs support. Over time the subject may change, and our experience and knowledge mean we have the skills to do adapt. More than this, we will support your child in developing a growth mindset that they can apply to any area of their learning or lives. We will help them grow in confidence. We will help them learn how to self regulate. 

In-depth Knowledge

Carol has in-depth knowledge and experience with a wide range of additional support needs, from dyslexia to dyscalculia, ASD to Downs Syndrome and more. She has worked as Additional Support for Learning teacher. Furthermore, she has taught in ASD bases and schools for children with severe and complex needs.

Fun and Engaging Lesson

We do not solely rely on published schemes, workbooks and worksheets. Experience has shown us that whilst there is a place for them, we can also engage children in fun educational activities and games to enhance their learning. We do not want tutoring to feel like a chore, we want it to be fun.

Tutoring at a Time and Place Convenient to You

Carol primarily works online, though can and does deliver lessons face to face. She has tutored children throughout the UK, Saudi Arabia, Germany and beyond. While we understand some parents have concerns about online learning due to past experiences, this medium has been shown to work for us time and time again.

Want To Know More

If this approach sounds like it could benefit your family then book in for a complimentary chat with Carol to discuss your needs and gain support.