About Carol’s Tutoring

FB_IMG_1492125855470My name is Carol Murdoch and I am an experienced tutor. I have worked as a primary teacher for over a decade.  I offer tuition in a range of subjects to meet your needs.  I have taught within both mainstream and special education provision and I am confident when working with children and adults with a wide range of needs.

I offer 2 options for tutoring children, either group or individual lessons.  Both have their advantages and can be read about on their own pages.  I also work with children who are home educated and develop programmes which meet the skills you wish to develop.  Our work with adults covers basic numeracy, reading and writing.  Whichever is the best fit for you, you will be guaranteed that  we will work together to develop you or your child’s confidence and abilities and help them in reaching their full potential.

I truly believe that learning should be fun, motivational and engaging.  A bored child will simply not make the same progress as one who is excited about their learning.  The same is true of adults.  Therefore, I will get to know the learner, their likes and dislikes.  We will play games and complete fun activities to motivate and aid learning. In my opinion, fun is the best way to learn.  Experience has shown this approach works. The learner will develop confidence alongside a range of skills. Have a peek at some of my Testimonials to see.


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