Last week 27 May

So, as always, every child I work with shone in their own way, but I can only give edited highlights here. But here are the kids that really stood out…

Leanna and Ethan both created brief stories and they were amazing! Both children really challenged themselves and I was super proud!

Oscar is showing a real maturity to his learning and this is reflected in his work.

Nathan has a great growth mindset going on. He might find something hard, but it isn’t stopping him from trying his very best and succeeding.

Andrew and I had a wonderful lesson up at Beecraigs this week. There was a lot of real life learning going on and our nests were amazing. He especially impressed me with his perseverance. Building a nest isn’t easy, his first attempt failed, but instead of getting frustrated he simply gathered more materials and started again with a new design.

As for the business, what has been happening behind the scenes? Well, my summer time table is almost full now which has taken a lot of juggling!

I have also launched a second business, Love Outdoor Learning.  This is all about getting children outside and learning in nature. I will soon have Wednesday lunch time and Saturday morning clubs starting up and I am available to work with schools. Have a peek at our website and Facebook 

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