Carol has been tutoring my 9 year old daughter for a couple of years now. My daughter really needed help with her maths and was really lacking in confidence.  The difference in her now is astounding.

Carol has worked to build a really strong relationship with my daughter which is the foundation for the success of the tutoring in my opinion.  Sometimes my daughter is not in the mood for tutoring and Carol always spends a bit of time working on her mindset so that she really gets the benefit out of the session.  She really knows her stuff in terms of the teaching strategies but she is also so in tune with how her little mind works.  My daughter is now much more confident in her maths abilities but she is just generally more confident in her approach to schoolwork and I credit a large part of this to Carol.  

Carol is a lovely, truly genuine person and I could not be happier with the amazing work she does with my daughter.

Janice, Edinburgh

Carol has been great with our daughter who is extremely anti maths.  Carol has found ways to keep Abbie interested and engaged even when she hits a wall.  Carol is friendly but strict if required and responds well and adjusts the lesson plan depending on the different moods or issues that can arise.  We have seen a massive difference in Abbie’s overall confidence not just with maths but in general.  I highly recommend her to anyone concerned about their child’s progress. 

Kerry, West Lothian

Carol was recommended to me as my son was diagnosed Dyslexic and was struggling at school.  Initially prior to covid the tuition was 1-1 in person and then during and post covid the tuition moved online.  I was a little apprehensive about it being online, but my worries soon disappeared as Carol was just as amazing and the tuition worked just as good, in fact even better.  I can honestly say the support my son has had from Carol has been outstanding.  Carol has an amazing rapor with my son, her teaching methods really work and his teachers in school have also commented on how much of a difference they have seen with the additional help.  His confidence has gone from strength to strength, and he no longer feels inadequate when it comes to learning.  I honestly cannot recommend Carol highly enough. 

Claire, West Lothian

I carefully selected my daughters tutor as I wanted the best for her, not just a tutor who would teach her academically but someone who could understand and adapt to her particular learning style, needs and build her confidence at the same time . I picked Carol as I liked what I heard from her reviews , what I was hearing from her in her on her videos and most importantly when I chatted to her for the first time I knew she had my child’s interests at heart.  Now 18 months on I have not been disappointed.  My daughter is for the first time in her life enjoying Maths and so much more confident In herself.  Her speech is also coming on leaps and bounds.  Thankyou Carol for not only teaching her the skills she needs but also for teaching her that she can achieve anything she sets her mind too. Long may it continue

Janine, West Lothian

Carol has recently started tutoring my eldest son for maths and I have been super impressed.

We are only 3 sessions in and not only has Carol been able to pinpoint the most important gaps in his maths knowledge/skills she has also identified the mindset and confidence issues he has and has begun working on those with him.

Carol’s unique two pronged approach tackling both the practical maths skills and mindset is so powerful. Carol ensures she builds a relationship with her tutees, which enables her to challenge them but quickly spot and pull back if it becomes too much. Intermingling those personal conversations about his interests really helps relax him if he has become frustrated when finding the maths hard.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Carol as an excellent tutor and am so grateful to have found her. I now have a lot of confidence that my son will be able to fill in the gaps and become confident in the subject he has struggled with throughout school. Thank you Carol, you are quite literally our superhero 🙂

Lisa, Swindon

Carol has been tutoring my daughter (9) for a good while now. What an amazing lady she is. She has worked wonders for my daughter who has now gone from crying about maths to showing what she’s capable of with the help and support of Carol. Highly recommend

Alison, Westerinch

Carol tutors two of our children. She does an amazing job with them. In the time carol has been coming to us we can see a difference with both their literacy abilities and their confidence. Carol is so warm and friendly the kids look forward to her coming each week she always makes them feel at ease they have a great session which is often full of fun and laughter. We would highly recommend Carol.

Jennifer, Bathgate

Carol tutors my youngest daughter (P4) for maths and she loves her time with Carol. Carol makes it so much fun that my daughter really looks forward to it and is disappointed if I ever need to cancel a session. My daughter was severely anxious about school and maths when we started with Carol but now she’s a different child! Her confidence has grown so much and she is now loving maths, something I never thought I’d say! Thank you Carol, you are a star!

Roz, Livingston

Carol has been tutoring my 11 yr old daughter maths since Easter and the difference is remarkable. Lauren has gone from hating and avoiding maths to asking for maths conundrums and looking forward to her lessons!! Carol has done wonders for her mindset, as it was lack of confidence that was a major issue. Couldn’t recommend Carol highly enough!

Dawn, Bathgate

💯% recommend Carol and her services, having known her personally for a long time, I knew her back ground, tutoring, growth and resilience, so when like many people

I found myself struggling with a not fluffy lockdown experience, I knew exactly who I needed to go to. My first thought was my son needs tutoring, but after a “parent call” that Carol organised for me, it turns out I just needed some guidance and tips, things that could be done differently.

I came off the call prepared to do battle with my 9year old, I suspected he would drag his heels and fight me at every change, (I did not doubt Carols knowledge or intuition, but I also have underestimated my wee squirts stubbornness before🙈), no fight, he absolutely embraced everything she suggested for us.

Day 1 results – all school work done before 10am no tears and a genuinely happier wee soul over the weekend.

Carol is right, he doesn’t need tutoring, he just needed the right back up, we both did ♥️ Thank you for having our backs Carol ♥️

Sharin, Edinburgh

Carol has and is continuing to provide a fantastic tutoring service that has not only supported my child with her academic learning requirements but also her emotional development and understanding. Carol is caring and considerate, ensuring families are supported on the tutoring journey. I highly recommend the services provided by Carol. 

Sam, Bathgate

We started working with Carol over a year ago. I was at first apprehensive of working with a tutor with my youngest as I was not 100% sure on the overall benefits although I knew she needed some help as she was falling behind at school

Carol has been tremendous, not only in tutoring H in terms of school work and learning, also in mindset and confidence. My youngest has since been identified as presenting traits of ADD which explains a lot and although H often eats her feet or stands on her head whilst on a call with Carol, she has flourished both in confidence and her learning capabilities.

Carol is kind but firm when needed and has the right balance to know when to use which approach. Carol really gets to know you and your child, your way of life and works with where you are as a family which is invaluable as we are not traditional in our approach to learning.

We have since moved schools due to some challenges and Carol also was a massive support in terms of attending meetings to share her findings with the school in an attempt to work collaboratively.

I honestly don’t know what we would do with Carol not in our lives right now, especially throughout lock down and the concept of home learning. Carol is not only H’s tutor, she is also a good friend and supporter and I would highly recommend Carol for any of your children’s needs in either outdoor learning or building self esteem & confidence alongside learning.

Jenny, Wesham

Carol has been tutoring my son who has written dyslexia and Aspergers for some weeks now. Despite his utter hatred of having anything to do with writing or comprehension in the past, she has managed to engage with him, and we have discovered that with her acting as a scribe, he is capable of doing absolutely heaps of work at a relatively high level, far surpassing anything he has managed in the past. Her tutoring has become an integral part of making a formal assessment of how much support he will need at school and his confidence has hugely increased since she started with us. Delighted.

Eilidh, Torphichen

My daughter who was 7 at the time was having issues with dealing with her emotions and would end up coming out in anger.

Carol started with a weekly session with E with the disguise of helping with times table and very quickly was able to get E to open up and share what was happening in school. Carol got E to look at techniques to manage the anger but also got her to look at the friendship that was causing the anxiety and how best to move forward. So proud of E who is now 8 and can still have a temper but manages it and doesn’t lash out thanks to Carol.

Carol was patient, kind and supportive of both mum and daughter. She kept me informed but also earned E trust very quickly.

Marion, Bathgate

Carol is a fantastic tutor and has really brought my son on a lot, not only in school work, but with his confidence also.

Rebecca, Blackburn