Carol has been tutoring my daughter (9) for a good while now. What an amazing lady she is. She has worked wonders for my daughter who has now gone from crying about maths to showing what she’s capable of with the help and support of Carol. Highly recommend

Alison, Westerinch

Carol tutors two of our children. She does an amazing job with them. In the time carol has been coming to us we can see a difference with both their literacy abilities and their confidence. Carol is so warm and friendly the kids look forward to her coming each week she always makes them feel at ease they have a great session which is often full of fun and laughter. We would highly recommend Carol.

Jennifer, Bathgate

Carol is a fantastic tutor and has really brought my son on a lot, not only in school work, but with his confidence also.

Rebecca, Blackburn

Carol has been tutoring my son who has written dyslexia and Aspergers for some weeks now. Despite his utter hatred of having anything to do with writing or comprehension in the past, she has managed to engage with him, and we have discovered that with her acting as a scribe, he is capable of doing absolutely heaps of work at a relatively high level, far surpassing anything he has managed in the past. Her tutoring has become an integral part of making a formal assessment of how much support he will need at school and his confidence has hugely increased since she started with us. Delighted.

Eilidh, Torphichen

Carol tutors my youngest daughter (P4) for maths and she loves her time with Carol. Carol makes it so much fun that my daughter really looks forward to it and is disappointed if I ever need to cancel a session. My daughter was severely anxious about school and maths when we started with Carol but now she’s a different child! Her confidence has grown so much and she is now loving maths, something I never thought I’d say! Thank you Carol, you are a star!

Roz, Livingston