This Past Week – 22 April

Wow – what a week! It was great to be back on my normal tutor schedule.  Not to say I didn’t enjoy a break but I did miss the kids.  So what learning highlights have I experienced this week?

To begin, my group sessions have started!  We have some great kids coming along and they are turning into a wee team already which is fantastic!  The groups are still small which means children can get plenty of individual attention but also work together.  I am really looking forward to these continuing.

My individual kids have been making me proud this week too.  From Lewis whose handwriting can now truly be described as beautiful to Sean who is now beginning to sound out and build words. Lexie, Thomas and Evie are all growing more confident in maths and are keen to challenge themselves and not forgetting Daisy, who is now feeling confident about starting high school.  It really has been a great week all round.

In terms of the business, we have continued to develop our website,  Our Facebook page has reached 100 likes  And we now have twitter and even Instagram . It doesn’t matter which social media platform you prefer, you’ll find us there!


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