Student Details

Contact details for students are to be kept up to date and we must be informed of any changes.  This allows us to communicate effectively with you. These details must include a postal address, a contact number and an e-mail address.



Students are allocated a weekly lesson time and tuition is expected to occur at this time.  Payments must be in blocks in advance.  Each block is a calendar month, and this should be paid by the last working day of the preceding month.  We prefer bank transfer, however, all payments are recorded and declared on a yearly tax return.  An invoice will be issued at least a week before payment is due each month. If payment has not been received, a reminder message will be sent, and tuition sessions may be withheld until payment is made.



Tutor Cancellation

If we cancel for any reason, then there will be no charge to parents and we will try to rearrange the lesson if possible.  Monies for that lesson can be refunded or transferred to the following month.


Parent Cancellation

Lessons cancelled by parents with less than 48 hours’ notice must still be paid for.  We reserve the right to terminate tuition if lessons have been cancelled on a regular basis (three times or more in one term) and to offer the tuition to a student on the waiting list.



If a parent wishes to terminate their regular tuition sessions, we require 2 weeks’ notice in person or in writing. This ensures that we have received notice and that we do not need to charge the parent for future missed lessons as per the cancellation policy. We like to be able to say ‘goodbye’ to our students properly and wish them well for the future.



Verbal Feedback

At the end of each lesson, verbal feedback will be given to parents. Should the parent not be available, we will provide a brief written summary of the lesson.  Group parents will be provided with a brief email feedback if it is not possible to provide verbal feedback at the end of the lesson.


Progress Disclaimer

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the student makes satisfactory progress, this cannot be guaranteed, and we cannot be held accountable for the academic success or otherwise of the student.


Time keeping

Unless otherwise arranged, all one-to-one lessons are 55 minutes in duration. Group lessons are 1 hour in duration. Clients are responsible for ensuring they are ready and prepared to learn on arrival, and lessons will end at the designated time to enable the next student to have their full lesson. If you wish to speak to us in detail, about your child’s progress then please do this during the first few minutes or the last few minutes of their lesson.  If longer is required, we will arrange an alternative time.  It is imperative that children are collected promptly at the end of group lessons.






Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children know how to behave well. We reserve the right to cancel any bookings for students whose behaviour is unacceptable. The lesson will still require to be paid in full.  It is preferred that a responsible adult is within your home at all times during tuition.


Outdoor Learning

As and when appropriate learning may be taken into the outdoors.  If your child is in the group lessons, please ensure they have a jumper/ jacket with them at all times – rain is no indication of us staying inside!



We may take photos/ videos of your child’s work and your child completing their work.  These may be used for marketing purposes, on our website and on social media.  Children will not be named in photographs.  Children’s first names may be used in separate social media posts which do not show their faces, this is to highlight their achievements.


We presume you are happy for us to use your child’s photograph or brief videos of them for marketing purposes, including social media and use your child’s name for recognition of their achievements on social media.  If you do not wish us to do so please inform us in writing.


Data Protection

We care about your privacy and preferences and wish to ensure you understand and are happy how we store data which concerns you and your child.  I hold paper copies of your consent form and contact details, so we can contact you in an emergency.  We also retain information regarding administering medicine, permission of photography and food allergies.  We retain photos and your information online in a personal password protected folder. We also retain email addresses and phone numbers on our password protected account to inform you of dates, classes, changes in sessions and when we can, we send you relevant photos of your child.


Special requests

We reserve the right to charge for special requests.


(October 2018)