Group Tuition

pexels-photo-296301.jpegEvery student has unique requirements and some simply prefer, and perform better in, a group tuition environment. Being a part of a group can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Some children don’t like being in the spotlight, while others thrive with a little healthy competition.

We believe that every child is entitled to high quality tutoring.  Small group tuition makes this possible.  It costs a lot less when compared to 1 to 1 tuition and helps ensure many more children can excel.

Small group tutoring can offer

Collaboration – children work together and can often support each others learning

Creativity – it encourages critical and lateral thinking

Social Learning – it gives children the opportunity to work with others from a range of backgrounds


Feedback – groups are small enough to allow me the opportunity to give high quality feedback

Focus – some children simply focus better in a group environment

Healthy Competition – group lessons are all about building each other up and celebrating each other’s achievements

Fun – it allows for more games compared to simply 1 to 1 where the players are only the tutor and child

team-motivation-teamwork-together-53958.jpegWhat a Group Lesson Looks Like

Children should attend promptly at their allocated time.  Upon arrival we will have all resources, jotters, stationery etc that may be required.  We begin with a group check in, with children discussing their achievements and any difficulties they may have faced that week.  This allows for some peer support and, if appropriate, gives us time to discuss any difficulties.

We then commence work.  We use a lot of manipulatives within lessons, these are things children can touch and move.  It can range from cards to counters, dice to  number or letter strips.  In addition, we will also use a lot of games.  It is our opinion that children learn best through play.

We usually cover 4 different concepts within a lesson.  This is irrespective of the subject area being taught.  This variety helps keep children motivated and interested.

At the end of the lesson we have a group feedback sessions where we go over what they feel went well and what they want more work on, determining their next steps as a group.