Tall trees can grow from humble roots

I was born and raised in Muirhouse, Edinburgh.  My parents valued education, indeed my father was a teacher, yet I left school at 16 years old.  I was not, and to this day am not, an academic.  However, in my early 20’s I gave up a job in a law firm to go to college and then onto the University of Edinburgh to study primary teaching.  I am now back at the University of Edinburgh, this time studying a Masters in Learning for Sustainability.

My studies have taught me that it is essential that learning is engaging and meaningful.  Indeed, my best marks at university were those that could be described as such.  The subjects I struggled with were those that were dull, where I was expected to learn facts and figures but could not see how they might relate to real life.  As a teacher, and now as a tutor, I keep that in mind.  I remember how fun learning could, and should, be.

To me, tutoring gives me the best parts of teaching.  I get to work closely with children and their families to help them progress.  I get to challenge them and help them achieve things they never felt possible.  The children themselves are inspirational and it is a wholly rewarding job.  The biggest compliment I get is when parent’s say the confidence their child is learning eclipses that of the single curricular area and carries over into their entire lives.  Tutoring can help children become happier, more confident and lead to them being more willing to challenge themselves.